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My first session has officially come to a close. It's been a wild ride, but I'm grateful for my time here and for all of my constituents sending me here to represent you. Our final week focused on commending resolutions, conference reports, and the budget. Several of my bills passed the Senate and now await the
This week, in a nutshell, was all about Virginia's budget. In my opinion, passing a new two-year budget is the single most important thing the General Assembly will do this session. I'm proud of the House proposal and what it would achieve in the areas of public education, the environment, and supporting working class families. I
It's halftime of the 2024 legislative session. Leading up to "crossover," when House bills move over to the Senate and vice versa, we had a few extraordinarily long floor sessions this week during which we voted on hundreds of bills. Let's jump right into the updates. 
We're nearly at the halfway point of the session. "Crossover," the day by which we have to finish acting on all House bills so they can be sent over to the Senate, is fast approaching. This week, I advanced several of my bills (all with bipartisan support), spoke at events, and of course, took meetings with
It was a whirlwind week in Richmond. All told, I advanced six of my bills in committee (not too shabby for a freshman!), met with several visitors from the 94th district as well as from around the Commonwealth, and had the honor to speak at the 2024 Resilience Reception. Let's get into the updates!
We are now getting into the most intense period of the legislative session. The good news is that we've already managed to notch some wins: I passed my first bill out of the House, presented a couple others in committees, and had fruitful conversations with various advocacy groups. Let's get into the updates!