2024 Session Week Three

We are now getting into the most intense period of the legislative session. The good news is that we’ve already managed to notch some wins: I passed my first bill out of the House, presented a couple others in committees, and had fruitful conversations with various advocacy groups. Let’s get into the updates!

Passing My First Bill In The House

As you may recall from last week’s newsletter, HB 407, my bill to improve access to the Child Care Subsidy Program, passed through the Education Committee. This week, it moved onto the House floor for a full vote. When bills reach the House floor, they must be read three times – the first time, we just read the bill. The second time, we debate it. The third time, we cast our votes. I am very excited to announce that on its third reading on Friday morning, HB 407 passed unanimously!

This is my first bill to pass the House and it will now move onto the Senate where it will undergo a similar process. I am hopeful that it will move through without issue, in part because there’s nothing partisan about access to child care. 

Check out my speech by clicking here!

Other Bills

On Tuesday, I presented HB 862 to Labor & Commerce Subcommittee #3. It’s a bill to help make Virginia’s electrical grid more efficient and integrate clean energy projects in the years ahead. HB 862 passed out of subcommittee on a party-line vote and I will soon present it to the full Labor & Commerce Committee.

On Wednesday, I presented HB 386 to the Education committee, where it passed with strong support and then referred to Appropriations. I introduced HB 386 to address the mental health concerns of students in Norfolk and across Virginia. The bill would increase the number of psychologists, nurses, and other behavioral health professionals in public schools. 

Visitors from the 757

Norfolk City Councilwoman Andria McClellan, who represents Superward 6, stopped by to discuss transportation in Hampton Roads.

More Scenes from Around the Capitol

A conversation with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

I met with Dr. Katherine Rowe, the President of William and Mary — my alma mater!

Waiting for Courts of Justice Committee to begin.

Virginia Promise Partnership stopped by for a meeting to discuss affordable child care.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to serve as your delegate. Stay tuned for more updates!


Phil Hernandez