Here’s mine. When I envision the future of the Commonwealth, I’m guided by a basic question: What will be in the best interest of everyday Virginians in the long run? It’s a simple—even obvious—question. Yet it’s not asked enough in Richmond. And it shows.

We value education, but politicians in power have been underfunding our schools and underpaying our teachers for years.

We value an economy that creates opportunity for all, but politicians in power too often cater to special interests—the lucky few with lobbyists—and play games with our health care.

We value the environment, but politicians in power block commonsense reforms to protect our coastal communities for future generations.

We value equality, but politicians in power lack courage to make the promise of equality real.

Here’s another core value of mine: You’ve got to listen—especially to the people closest to the problem—before you can lead. Who knows the major challenges facing public schools better than our teachers? Who understands the need for economic opportunity in our community better than someone who’s working two jobs to make ends meet? After more than a decade working in policy, I know that the best solutions often emerge from the bottom-up, not from the top-down.


What would our policies look like if we did ask the question: What’s in the best interest of everyday Virginians in the long run? Here’s a start.

Recognizing that investments in education are critical to our future, I’ll work to justly compensate our teachers and ensure they have the support they need to succeed in the classroom. I’ll also work to ease the burden of student loans and protect borrowers from abusive lending practices.

Understanding that too many people in our community work full-time, yet do not have economic security, I’ll fight for policies that lift up working class people and make investments in an economy of the future, from broadband to apprenticeship programs that offer pathways into good-paying careers.

Given that access to quality, affordable health care is a major component of economic security for families, I’ll protect Medicaid expansion while working to expand tele-health services and recruit more doctors in underserved areas.

Knowing that the environment, the economy, and our quality of life are intertwined in Coastal Virginia, I’ll champion policies that reduce harmful pollution in our air and water, improve coastal resilience, and create new jobs and industries in clean energy technology. Virginia, just like the U.S. Military, should have ambitious renewable energy and energy efficiency goals.

Believing that every single person in our diverse community matters, I’ll support the Equal Rights Amendment and policies that build a more inclusive future, including in the areas of housing, employment, and voting rights.

In the end, these priorities are rooted in what families need to rise, thrive, and build a better future not just for themselves, but for the next generation. Our community deserves no less.